The all-in-one
PV plant

designed for distributed generation
up to 12 MW

Solarfighter is the first all-in-one concept for solar power plants designed for photovoltaic distributed generation projects of up to 12 MW. It is a complete kit comprising both the product and a comprehensive service for commissioning a photovoltaic project. Solarfighter is supported by Soltec’s experience in the development, design, construction and commissioning of the largest photovoltaic plants worldwide, which is now applied to distributed generation projects. It also provides individual developers with the opportunity to use the same technology used by large developers.

Finally, a quick and easy PV plant


Lower installed BOP costs and higher MW installation rate, than leading competitor.


High tolerance features for slopes, contours, and easy maintenance.


Innovative fail-safe communications system with easy monitoring and opperation.

up to
Greater Yield

6% TeamTrack
+ 0,5% Bifacial TeamTrack
+ 2,1% Bifacial Gain 2P vs 1P
+ 0.8-1.1% Inverter missmatch

The Product

SF7 Solar Tracker

  Photovoltaic Module



 Communications and Cabling

Weather station

DC Harness


The Service

Installation and maintenance by certified Soltec installers.

 Customer service and product warranty offered directly by the manufacturer.

 Customized care for each country.

Quick supply.

Order Management Online Platform.